How We Help

Helping families. Giving hope. Honoring service. That's how the VFW National Home for Children makes a difference to struggling military and veteran families from across the nation. 


Helpline 800.313.4200
Our Military & Veteran Family Helpline is the gateway to help for military and veteran families across the country. Learn more. 

Living at the National Home

"The National Home gave us a second chance, which has turned into a whole new beginning for our family." ~National Home client

Families who need a fresh start can live in the safe and peaceful environment of the VFW National Home for Children campus community for up to four years and benefit from numerous community supports, including professional case management services, on-site licensed child care, life skills training, tutoring and other educational services, as well as recreational and community service opportunities.

Recognizing that the effects of war can last for generations, the National Home's campus community is open to families of active-duty military personnel, veterans and descendants of members of the VFW and its Ladies Auxiliary. 

Residents must be committed to making changes in their lives, and each family who lives at the National Home is assigned a case manager to help them set and work towards family goals. To remain at the National Home, families are expected to demonstrate consistent progress toward those goals. We work in partnership with the whole family to help them reach their full potential.

For specific questions about applying to live at the National Home, please call our Military & Veteran Family Helpline at 800.313.4200 or email 

Families and children living on the National Home campus have access to a variety of on-campus support services, including:

For inquires about any of our services, call the National Home's Military & Veteran Family Helpline at 800.313.4200 or email