Organization Award Programs

Thanks to the generous spirit of the many organizations who support the VFW National Home for Children, we are able to continue to serve as a living memorial to America’s veterans by helping our nation’s veteran and military families. 


Star Donor for Organizations

Our Star Donor Organizations program recognizes organizations for their generous support of the VFW National Home for Children.


All levels of the VFW and their Auxiliaries, Military Order of the Cootie and their Auxiliaries and non-VFW organizations that contribute $500 or more to the National Home during our fiscal year are recognized.


Cumulative giving will be tracked from July 1 to June 30 of each year. Organizations that reach Star Donor status are awarded a plaque that will be mailed shortly after June 30. Star Donor Organizations are recognized at the following giving levels.


  • Bronze Star Donor $500- $999
  • Silver Star Donor $1,000- $1,999
  • Gold Star Donor $2,000- $4,999
  • Platinum Star Donor $5,000 or more


Note: Souvenir purchases, gifts-in-kind and intended pledges are not included.

Life Membership Awards

For VFW Posts and Auxiliaries 

Posts and Auxiliaries

Posts and Auxiliaries whose members have shown a strong commitment to the National Home are recognized through our Life Membership Awards program. Life Membership Awards certificates are given to Posts or Auxiliaries that attain the following milestones:


  • 25 Life Members

  • 50 Life Members

  • 100 Life Members

  • 250 Life Members

  • 500 Life Members

  • 750 Life Members

  • 1,000 Life Members


Posts and Auxiliaries are honored separately.


Note: Posts and Auxiliaries are responsible for requesting a report showing the Life Members to determine if they qualify for an award. If an Associate Life Member is to be counted toward the Post or Auxiliary award, the Associate Life Member’s application must indicate such.


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