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National Home Kids Experience the Joy of Giving

“Whoa, a lot of stuff!” said one young child. The VFW National Home for Children’s Community Center auditorium was filled with tables, and those tables were covered with all sorts of presents the children could choose for their parents, brothers and sisters, and other relatives. Santa’s workshop had been magically transferred from the North Pole to the National Home Santa Shop! Indeed, to a small preschooler, the National Home’s Santa Shop could be a bit overwhelming. The Santa Shop is a store that the children and young people can shop for Christmas gifts and experience the joy of giving. The young people spend the community service hours they have earned throughout the year on the presents

Christmas Spirit fills the National Home Community

The giving spirit of Christmas filled the VFW National Home for Children community during the past week. Santa and Mrs. Claus visited each boy and girl – with help from VFW District 8 of Michigan – on Friday night. The excited children jumped up and down and ran to the front door to greet Santa and Mrs. Claus as they pulled up in the National Home fire truck. The jolly elf brought toys and other goodies to the children, much to their delight. “A tool bench!” exclaimed one little boy. He was a little shy at first about approaching Santa and Mrs. Claus, but soon he was hugging them tight. At one house, twins dressed in pink frilly skirts twirled about as they approached the couple from the Nor

"Dining with Distinction" - National Home young people learn abut etiquette, manners

Shelley Davis was content with her life. She had a full-time job as a bank teller, with benefits and time off to spend with her young child. Then her supervisor said something that changed her life. “She said, ‘Shelley, you need to start looking and acting for the life that you want, not the life that you have,’” Davis said. Davis, an Image Expert, recently brought that philosophy to the VFW National Home for Children as part of our Life Skills program. Life Skills are offered to both young people and adults. Other programs have included financial planning, parenting skills, volunteering at the VA Medical Center in Battle Creek, and other subjects. For this Life Skills program, the National

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