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Awareness Week 2015 - Celebrating our 90th Anniversary. Remembering our Past.

Awareness Week 2015 is March 22-28. This year’s focus is the celebration of the VFW National Home for Children’s 90th year of helping military and veteran families. And since our founding in 1925, a great many memories have been made here by a great many veterans, children and families. As part of our anniversary celebration, we want to honor and preserve those memories. On behalf of everyone who has passed through our doors, we want to remodel and update our museum so that this inspiring history can be shared for generations to come. Our current museum is outdated and too small. There are boxes and boxes of materials representing years of stories and significant moments that are not being r

The VFW National Home for Children - A Dream Fulfilled

The VFW National Home for Children is celebrating its 90th Anniversary throughout 2015. As part of that celebration, we will be focusing on one decade of the National Home’s history each month. This month, we present the Home’s beginnings in the 1920s. The Beginning It was 1922 and the Great War had ended four years earlier. Groups of veterans roamed the streets of the nation’s cities looking for any kind of work to feed their families. The children and families of veterans were often left destitute upon death of the veteran. A young woman named Amy Ross went to the offices of Dr. Clarence L. Candler, the VFW Department of Michigan’s commander, with an idea to find jobs for the thousands of

The National Home's first family arrives March 9, 1925

The VFW National Home for Children is celebrating its 90th Anniversary throughout 2015. As part of that celebration, we present the history of the National Home’s first family to live here—the Polletts. The National Home’s first family—the Polletts On March 2, 1925, Sgt. Edward Pollett left his home in Halfway, Michigan to pick up his retirement check at Fort Wayne in Detroit. He never made it back home; he was hit by a street car while crossing a road in downtown Detroit and later died of his injuries. His widow soon found out her husband’s retirement pay stopped after his death. Annie Pollett, a World War I widow, and her six children were left destitute. The Halfway VFW post spoke to Dr.

Ice Cream, Ice Cream...We All Make Ice Cream!

“Shake shake shake ... Shake shake shake your ice cream!” The kids enthusiastically shook their plastic baggies to the teacher’s singing. They weren’t sure why they were shaking the baggies, but it was fun to do. Fun and tasty, too! The VFW National Home for Children’s youngest residents at the preschool and child care center recently took part in the old-fashioned activity of making ice cream. The toddlers were gathered at a low table. Each one held a large plastic baggie with ice cubes and salt, and inside was a smaller baggie with the ice cream ingredients. They giggled as their little hands touched the cold ice cubes. The ice cream mixture had to be shaken a lot to mix the ingredients an

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