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Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day

The Vietnam war spanned eleven years of combat. Eleven years of soldiers fighting in some of the most unforgiving conditions you could imagine. Unbearable heat, constant wetness, dangerous terrain full of deadly animals and booby traps. By March of 1971, many of the troops had already been removed from the country, but it wasn't until March 29th, 1973, that the last of the troops and prisoners of war arrived safely on American soil. (Pictured to the right, the last 55 troops to leave Vietnam debark their Air Force C-141 at Travis Air Force) The reception for these veterans was not full of the parades and celebrations that the veterans of previous wars had experienced. While the war was happ

National Home Matriarch, Betty Hendrickson Turns 90!

This past weekend, former house mother, Betty Hendrickson celebrated her 90th birthday party at the Community Center of the National Home. Affectionately known as Grandma Betty, Hendrickson moved to the National Home in 1965 with her five children after being widowed. Her husband, a marine, died suddenly from a cerebral hemorrhage, leaving her with five children ranging from a year and a half to seventeen. Her eldest daughter graduated that year and went away to college, and for the remainder of her thirteen years living at the National Home as a house parent, Betty had a full house, raising eight children at a time! After leaving the National Home, Betty remained in the Eaton Rapids area a

Michigan teen rises to the challenge put forth by her history teacher.

(Pictured left to right: Emily's Father, Donor Relations & Major Gifts Specialist, Tammie Manchester, and Emily Stanis) High School Sophomore, Emily Stanis knew right away when her history teacher, Ben Gillett, assigned his students a project to "Do Good" in their community, that she wanted to help veteran families. "My entire life I've been surrounded by military families, veteran families. So I knew I wanted to do something to help them," Emily explained. Emily is a resident of Gaines, Michigan, and a student at Swartz Creek High School. She worked with the Knights of Columbus in Gaines to secure a location, and with donations from local businesses, she put on a spaghetti dinner and raise

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