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A John Deere Gator....from our friends in Janesville, WI

This weekend the National Home received a beautiful brand new Gator from VFW Post #1621 of Janesville, Wisconsin! This John Deere Gator Deluxe is a four-seater with all of the bells and whistles! It has a bed with a tailgate, cup holders, a roof, seat belts and mesh side doors and it is capable of up to 45 mph! This was a special project for Post #1621 Quartermaster, Lee Millard with help from all of the post members, including Richard Hoium and his wife, Jean who made the trip early on Friday to stay at the National Home's Guestlodge to make sure the Gator drop-off went smoothly. We would also like to acknowledge Mid-State Equipment in Janesville, Wisconsin for their part in helping Lee a

Summer Celebration 2017

As all good things must, the Summer Program has come to an end for the year. Staff and residents gathered today in the auditorium for Summer Celebration; an event to showcase all of the fun things the kids have done and learned in the Summer Enrichment program and to celebrate the accomplishments of the Work Crew. This year, the program started with each of the Summer Enrichment kids showcasing a project. For some, it was singing, for one it was raising money for the Humane Society. One child did a video tutorial of the H&E building on campus, and others set off bottle rockets that they had been working on in the baseball diamond. One fun new activity for the kids this year was called "Po


Recently the sponsorship of the Alaska House has changed from the Department of Alaska to Post #1685, and it's Auxiliary of Anchorage, Alaska. The Alaska House was built in 2007 and has been sponsored by the Department of Alaska until now. The Alaska House is one of the newest houses at the National Home. It is part of a duplex with Hawaii and is 1,442 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is one of six homes here that is wheelchair accessible. We are so glad that the VFW Members from Alaska can continue supporting the Alaska House! Sponsorship represents a strong commitment to the National Home, and it is critical to our ability to serve struggling families. The house spo


The Georgia House recently underwent a sponsorship change, with support shifting from the Military Order of the Cootie Pup Tent #5 out of Marietta, Georgia to the VFW Department of Georgia and its Auxiliary. Built in 1962 by the Ladies Auxiliary of North Dakota, this 3,850 square foot home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms was sponsored by North Dakota until 1999 when MOC Pup Tent #5 took over the sponsorship. Interesting fact, Pup Tent 5 was the first pup tent sponsor of a house at the National Home. We are so glad to see that the VFW members from Georgia can continue to support the Georgia House. House sponsorship represents a strong commitment to the National Home, and it is criti

The End of an Era: Dedicated Auxiliary Member Wears Campbell's Soup Costume for the Last Time.

Lynne Nolte, of VFW Aux #2984 out of Northwood, Ohio, has been dutifully collecting Campbell’s soup labels for the past 15 years. She created a custom Campbell’s Soup Can costume with two hula hoops, felt, and a couple of ribbon straps to put her arms through, and has been proudly wearing it to district meetings to raise awareness about the program. The first time she came to visit the National Home was in 1963 with her parents. Her father was the District 2 Commander at the time, and she remembers saying to them that if something were to ever happen to them, she wanted to come here and live. The ending of the Campbell’s Labels for Education program is really an end of an era and Lynne was

100 Year Old WWII Veteran, Kenneth Snavely Visits the National Home for the First Time.

Kenneth Snavely was 26 years old in 1943 when he traveled to Manchester, England on the Queen Mary to help build hangers for the United States Air Force. He served in the Air Force from 1943 to the end of the war in 1946. Of the 16.1 million US troops that served during World War II, Kenneth is one of only 500,000 surviving today. He is a very active veteran too! He still marches every year in Centerville, Ohio's 4th of July Parade. This past July 24th, Kenneth celebrated his 100th birthday! Kenneth was married to his wife, Lovinia for over 50 years, and the two had a son and a daughter together. Lovinia passed away in 2008. Kenneth still goes to their favorite restaurant every Saturd

A Weekend With Friends from VFW Departments of Ohio and Michigan!

Woowee! Last weekend was a busy and fun filled weekend at the National Home with our friends from the VFW Departments of Ohio and Michigan, the Marine Riders of Michiana and of Southwestern Michigan! Saturday a convoy of vehicles from the Department of Ohio poured onto campus. We had beautiful, cool and breezy weather for the day as the group enjoyed tours of the National Home community, ate lunch together, and conducted their meeting. Sunday was another day of wonderful weather, perfect for self-guided walking tours and participating in the fishing rodeo for our visitors from the Department of Michigan, the Marine Riders of Michiana, and Marine Riders of Southwestern Michigan. Visitors al

New Hampshire

As the sponsorship agreement with Post #1772 out of New Hampshire was nearing its end, the Department of New Hampshire agreed to sponsor the New Hampshire House at the VFW National Home for Children. The New Hampshire House has been sponsored by Post #1772 since 2002, and we are glad to see the New Hampshire House remain sponsored by VFW members from New Hampshire. The 2,456 square foot house was built in 1954 and has four bedrooms and 1 1/2 bathrooms. Building sponsorship represents a strong commitment to the National Home, and it is critical to our ability to serve struggling families. Home sponsors provide for a home’s annual costs, including utilities, lawn care, and trash removal, a

Sponsor Spotlight: Humana

The National Home would like to thank Humana for being a Corporate/Platinum Sponsor for the first annual .1K Fun Run coming up this weekend! Headquartered in Lousiville, Kentucky, Humana has offices spread across the entire country with three offices in Michigan: Detroit, Southgate, and Southfield. Humana is committed to helping employers manage their healthcare costs, guiding consumers to make informed health and benefit decisions, and giving back to the communities we serve. Humana is currently working towards the goal of making every community that they serve 20% healthier by 2020 by making it easy for people to achieve their best health. Their strategy integrates care delivery, the memb

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