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Rhonda and Jo: Honoring More Than 35 Years of Service.

This year we celebrate 35 years of service to the National Home for two very special employees, Jo Cox and Rhonda Kennedy. Both of them have worked here off and on since the mid-70’s; Rhonda in the fall of 74 and Jo in the spring of 76. They have found in their time here at the National Home not only a career and a community of support but also lasting friendship in one another; often traveling together on vacation. They are both much-loved members of the National Home family, though reasons they ended up here were quite different. ​​For Rhonda, it began with finding the perfect job opening in the Program Department the summer after graduating from high school. It offered her flexibility

Auxiliary #3944: Making a Difference in Veterans Lives.

Donating to the VFW National Home for Children was an obvious fit for VFW Auxiliary #3944 President, Debbie Bodimer-Wilson. This vibrant Auxiliary out of St. Louis, Missouri has been continuously giving back to the nation’s veteran population for many years. The Auxiliary to the Overland-St. Ann Memorial Post #3944 was established in 1934 and remains, to this day an incredibly important part of the St. Louis community. Their weekly Sunday bingo has been drawing in the locals since 1998 and has helped them raise considerable funds. They use this money to give back to their community and to the country’s veteran population at large. Last year alone, Debbie’s first year as President, they d

National Home visit inspires bus donation

Doug Braun of Columbus, Montana, says he was inspired by a recent visit to our community to donate a 23-passenger bus to the National Home. Doug, who serves as chaplain of VFW Post #4762, first learned of the VFW National Home for Children through his post. He got the chance to tour the community two years ago, when he visited the National Home while in Michigan with a friend. Doug remembered seeing all of the vans and golf carts and asked his tour guide, Facilities Director Todd Marriott, what they were for. Todd explained how we use them to give tours and transport people visiting our campus. Right then he thought, “You could really use a bus.” Doug, a retired Union electrician, describes

Saying Goodbye to Tom Tweet

The National Home Board of Trustees celebrates the service of District 9 Trustee, Tom Tweet, as he has completed his term as trustee. Tom, from the Department of Minnesota, has served on the VFW National Home for Children Board of Trustees since 2011, representing the Departments of Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. During the Annual Meeting this year, Tom remarked that he "truly enjoyed his time on the board" and that it has been an honor. Tom served in the US Army in the Republic of Viet Nam from 1968 to 1970. Tweet is a life member of the VFW, Military Order of the Cootie, D.A.V., International War Vets, VFW National Home for Children and The American Legion. To see pho

Saying Goodbye to Virginia Carman

The National Home Board of Trustees celebrates the service of District 12 Trustee, Virginia Carman, as she has completed her term as trustee. Virginia, from the Department of Washington, has served on the VFW National Home for Children Board of Trustees since 2011, representing the Departments of Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and of course, Texas. Virginia served as National President in 2007 and was an Ex Officio member of the Board of Trustees at that time. Carman joined the VFW Auxiliary to the VFW in 1970 and is also a longtime member of the Military Order of the Cootie Auxiliary and has served as a Jr. Girl. Virginia describes her time serving as a trustee as "one of the most rewarding

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