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Celebrating 95 Years: A Stroll Through the Rich History of The VFW National Home for Children.

2020 is our 95th year of providing a safe, nurturing environment for our nation's military and veteran families! Please join us as we stroll through the history of the National Home. There will be links to other blogs, articles, and videos throughout this blog post. In the 1920s, there were no social programs or services available for the widows and orphans of WWI veterans. With no source of income, these mothers were left unable to provide for their children. Realizing this, and feeling a profound responsibility to care for these veteran families, the Veterans of Foreign Wars established the VFW National Home for Children in 1925. In March of 1925, the first family, the Polletts, came to

Is your glow still there?

The freshness of a new start, the dedication of the resolutions, and the clean slate of the calendar all remind us that the glow and excitement of the New Year are upon us. My glow is flickering, as it seemingly often does as we get deeper into the cold, dark days of January. Is your glow still there? Just as the birth of the new calendar brings optimism and energy, we here at the VFWNHC get to share those spirits with each and every veteran and family member that we get the opportunity to encounter. Our opportunity can be with the caller who reaches out to us on our Helpline, a candidate for admission to our campus programs, neighbors we serve daily, or the families that are satisfaction

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