Current Fundraisers 

"My fund raiser is that everyone thinks that as a State Commander I shouldn't have a ponytail. So I figured that if they wanted it they could pay for it and the money raised will go to the VFW National home. My ponytail to be snipped off after I'm installed in June of 2019. " - Joseph Smith

Sr. Vice Commander Joseph Smith Ponytail Fundraiser


Make a Change for Our National Home Fundraiser


"Everyone can take part no matter how Big or how Small your membership is…. Let’s take a Green-Walk around Our Beautiful Campus. The green area on campus is 1.33 mile (7022 feet).  Every foot we walk equals 16 cents (.16 per foot = $1,123.58 dollars collected for each full virtual walk). I suggest all proceeds going to the campus maintenance fund. Each Auxiliary/District can place a canister at your general membership meetings and collect monies from one conference to another. Let’s see how many miles we can walk, for our National Home as well as how many feet your auxiliary can walk sitting down." -  Kathy Hubbard, Dept of Michigan Buddy Poppy National Home Chairman

piggy bank.jpg

"Penny War" Fundraiser for Department of Indiana Auxiliary 


VFW Department of Indiana Auxiiary Districts are competing with one another to collect the most pennies for the VFW National Home for Children!  The districts that come in first and last place will be given prizes that the District President must wear or carry with them to all conferences. First place will wear a crown and first place necklace and last place will wear a very large pacifier necklace. All money will be donated to the National Home at the Department State convention and will be used for the Amazon wish list to purchase any items needed. - Tracy McGlynn, Dept of Indiana Auxiliary Buddy Poppy National Home Chairman

National Auxiliary President, Sandi Kriebel 2018-2019 Special Project: Guest Lodge Kitchen Remodel


Help Sandi to remodel and update the kitchen in the National Home's Guest Lodge! 

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