We strive to help residents of all ages ‘turn on the lights’ through student-centered programming that is focused on building a sense of duty to self, family, school and community.


Throughout the school year, education staff, and volunteers work closely with local schools, parents, and others who are invested in the success of National Home students. Help is available to all age groups, from preschool through college and beyond.



Education staff work one-on-one with students in areas where they may need help. This can include organization, study skills, reading, math, setting academic goals, homework, and preparing for standardized tests. All residents, including adults, can utilize the Education Program as a resource to help them succeed in the classroom, workplace, and in life.



Life Skills

The Teen Life Skills Program provides education, mentoring, and hands-on experiences for children aged 12-19. The program is designed to help these youths develop a wide range of practical life skills.


They have the opportunity to attend themed events throughout the year, and attend individual sessions with National Home staff and occasional guest speakers.


This program helps provides a solid foundation for these youths as they continue on their path towards adulthood and beyond.



Adults living at the National Home also have access to a variety of classes and support groups, aimed at enhancing their life skills. Topics vary based on interest and can include financial management, parenting, household management, healthy relationships and more.


Computer Lab 

The computer lab is open for residents to use after school and in the summer under the supervision of Education staff. Residents can use computers for homework, job hunting, online courses, email or just for fun.



Our library contains a large collection of books and some audio-visual materials. Residents can check out books and take them home with them, or use the quiet library area for study or leisure reading.  Special reading activities are hosted in the library for various age groups to encourage reading and literacy.


Summer Enrichment 

This program ensures that learning doesn’t stop when the school year ends. Participants learn about topics from astronomy to zoology through field trips, team projects and hands-on learning opportunities.


Science Lab 

The science lab is used during Summer Program and throughout the rest of year during science nights. Residents are able to explore geology, astronomy, microbiology, and many other science topics through use of the equipment and Internet access in the lab. This space also serves as an auxiliary study area.


Community Service and Patriotism

Service is an essential part of the growth process at the VFW National Home for Children. Residents take part in activities that involve service to the local community, writing letters and visiting veterans in hospitals and other community and civic-minded activities to help the residents be mindful of the need to give back through service.  Throughout the year, residents participate in events on campus that honor veterans and our country, such as Veteran's Day, POW/MIA Day, 4th of July parades, Memorial Day and other patriotic events.

Military and Veteran Families

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