Community Features

The Military and Veteran families residing here have access to many wonderful resources. Some of what is important is not seen, such as our water treatment plant.

Community Center

Sponsored by the VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters

Guest Lodge & Chapel

Sponsored by the VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters

VFW Auxiliary Child Care and Early Education Center

Sponsored by the VFW Auxiliary National  Headquarters


Montana Farmstead

Sponsored by the VFW Dept. of Montana


Cootie Fire Department

Once a true fire department, today the fire engines are used for ceremonial purposes.

Hiking Trails

Three trails provide miles of exercise and fun.

Health & Education Building

Sponsored by the VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters 

Scout Cabin & Lake Romanis

Fishing, fireside chats and peacefulness are partly what makes this area a favorite.

World War II Memorial

Remembering one-time residents of the National Home who served in WWII.

Administration Building

This is where visitors stop, leave for tours and buy souvenirs. The business of management is here, too.

Water Treatment Facility

We have multiple wells and treat over 5.5 million gallons of water a year for our community.


This modern, interactive museum will take you through the origins of the Home to the present! 


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