Celebrating our 90th Anniversary.

Remembering our Past.



The National Home turned 90 on January 7, 2015. To celebrate, we are fundraising to renovate and update our museum.

Since our founding in 1925, a great many memories have been made here by a great many veterans, children and families.


The current museum was developed by someone who grew up at the Home.  He was really afraid that the rich history of the Home would be lost and he also felt strongly that alumni coming back to visit needed a special place to reconnect. 


What he didn’t anticipate was how popular his idea would be to the thousands of visitors the Home hosts each year.


So he found a building with some empty space in the mid 80’s and six months later it was finished.  When we called to tell him our plans to renovate it, he was thrilled.  Choking back tears, he said, “I am so blessed because of that Home.  I’m proud the museum will be taking on a new life.” 


For the museum to take on this new life with new, modern exhibits that fill in the gap of missing memories, we need to raise $100,000. The goal is to have the museum funded by the end of the Home’s 90th year. Donors that give $1,000 or more will have their name placed on a plaque in the museum.


Help us capture the memories of the childhoods, peace and successes found in the National Home’s past with a generous gift.


If you have pictures or artifacts that you would like to donate or loan, please call 866-483-9642 or email info@vfwnationalhome.org.