A Beginning, A Struggle, and A Victory

Each year we gather as a community to share and celebrate the accomplishments of the children and parents here at The National Home. This year we honored educational achievement, our preschool and high school graduates, and parent honorees.

The preschoolers were very excited to receive their diplomas and sing their song! Preschool teachers Ivy Bush and Nicole Mendoza read the childrens’ names aloud along with what they wanted to be when they grew up; there were many wonderful career choices like bike shop mechanic, an EMT, Captain America, and Elsa.

Our graduating High School seniors, John and Corey, both received graduation gifts and Corey received a scholarship to help him next fall when he attends Michigan State University to study engineering.

One of our residents, Lois, stood at the podium and thanked everyone for helping her to get through her tough times so she was able to obtain a certificate in Bookkeeping and secure a full time permanent position.

Husband and wife duo, Brad and Sherry, have both experienced big accomplishments in the past year. Sherry has graduated from Davenport University with a degree in Business Administration and Brad received his associate’s degree at Lansing Community College and plans to attend University of Michigan-Ann Arbor for Psychology.

It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to come together and share in the joy of fulfilled goals.

“Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little has its stages of drudgery and triumph: a beginning, a struggle and a victory.” - Ghandi

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