Parenting Awareness Month

March is Parenting Awareness Month. This initiative is a time to emphasize the importance of effective parenting in helping children to become healthy, independent, and caring adults. National Home staff work year-round with our resident parents to support them and provide them with classes and materials to hone their parenting skills. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, caseworkers and early education staff have moved to remote communication with our resident families. At this time, it is helpful to have a host of online tools and resources to help continue to support our families. Himama is a tool we've been using for the past year in our Early Education center to communicate with parents about their littles. We can send photos throughout the day, give updates on their snacks and moods. Now we are using Himama to remotely assist with activities with the children, like storytime, singing songs together, and playing games to keep their little minds moving. Difficult times like these call for creative solutions and Himama is just one of many ways that National Home staff are continuing to give support to the parents living in our community. The CDC also has a fantastic resource page for parenting tips for all ages.

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